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All the places of worship in Maharashtra are going to reopen from today

From now on all religious places and places of worship will reopen for devotion.  As the Maharashtra government has issued a new order according to which all the places of worship will be opened from Monday 16th November. However, people visiting all these religious places will have to obey the rule law issued by the government keeping their safety in mind are implemented. All religious places in Maharashtra were closed due to covid-19 Pandemic.

According to new reports, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has asked people not to gather crowds In order to prevent corona virus from spreading. He also said that we should not forget that this dangerous virus is still among us. Even though this virus is slowly getting weaker, we cannot be careless about it. We should not take this corona virus for granted.

All people have to take off their shoes at a designated place and everyone must wear a mask. SOP has ordered the Governing bodies to manage the children above 65 years and below 10 years of age at all these places of worship. Along with this, the government has advised all pregnant women to stay at home.
There are many big and small religious places in Maharashtra like Shaktipeeth Temple, Famous Kailash Temple, Jyotirlingams, Grigeshwar Temple and many more. There is a huge temple of Siddhivinayak, famous only in Mumbai, Maharashtra, where countless devotees come to worship every year.

Published: November 16th, 2020

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