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Apple launches its own search engine, Apple may be a competitor to Google

Apple may launch it's own search engine like Google. According to the media, the deal between Apple and Google is going to be end. Apple has default search engine named Safari. According to the deal, Google spends a billions of dollars for Apple's search engine Safari internet browser for Apple iPhone each and every year. So this deal may be end in future between Google and Apple.

The main problem occurs in this deal is that the amount that Google pays every year for Apple's default search engine Safari internet browser. For example, The government of UK has revealed the information that Google pays at least $1.5 billion for Apple's search engine Safari. The fee paid by Google creates a barrier for expansion and entry for all the competitiors of the Google. Safari users can also use Google search engine. It is the another option for Safari user. Very few iPhone users think to convert Safari to the search engine. So this the main reason that Apple has to pay to the Google billions of dollars to make it's Safari as default search engine. This is also the reason behind all the consequences between Google and Apple.

Apple is the famous for it's technology in the world.Apple may think about to launch it's own search engine to get rid of all thes consequences. Launhing a search engine is not a big deal for Apple. This is the main reason behind that Apple can launch it's own search engine for all iPhone users. This is opportunity for Apple to launch it's own search engine.

According to the report of Coywolf," Apple has started hiring and investing for this work. Apple also started bypass Google to show the results. Apple also has updated Applebot to include that things which are related to the Web master and SEO".This step of Apple may affect all reigons in all over the world.

Published: September 22nd, 2020


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    Derry Tew

    07th February,2021

    Interesting is there a debue date for this please

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