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Bigg Boss 14 Updates : Captain Ali Goni has the power to nominate 6 contestants for eviction

The process of nomination of contestants has always been very interesting in Bigg Boss. There are many interesting twists in the process of this nomination. Like every time, this time too, the show has got a twist for the nomination process. In which Ali Gony, who became the captain, has got the power that he can nominate 6 out of 10 contestants for Eviction.

As shown in the Bigg Boss promo, Captain Ali Goni will have the power to nominate family members this week. He can nominate any of the 6 contestants out of 10 as per his wish for this week's eviction. This promo also shows when Ali Goni uses his power to nominate Kavita Kaushik, Nikki Tamboli and Rubina Dilaik then Rubina Dilak and Nikki Tamboli are shocked to hear his decision. Nikki becomes very angry and she speaks angrily that she never thought that Ali would come in and talk to someone. Ali replied that Nikki does his evil together with Kavita.

Although Ali has nominated the remaining 3 contestants, it is not known yet. In the coming episodes, it will be known who Ali has nominated. It will be very interesting to see that many questions will be asked on this decision of Ali. Kavita Kaushik's reaction to this decision of Ali will also be seen. Kavita was playing very well for so many days and she was also making enough with Ali Goni at this time in the show. In such a situation, when Ali Goni has nominated her, it will be very interesting to see her reaction.

Published: November 16th, 2020

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