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Clear whatsApp data and boost phone memory- Simple and easy tricks

Now a days most of the people using WhatsApp so whatsApp users are increasing day by day. Every single person is a member of many whatsApp groups. In these types of groups, there are lots of messages, videos, photos and files send daily. Lots of phone memory is use to store this content. Although text messages consume less memory but sending videos and photos is trend now a days which consumes lots of memory in smartphones. So boosting phone memory is very important.

You should have boost your phone memory time to time and for that You have to clear WhatsApp messages. Most of the photos and videos share in these groups are most probably same. We are going to tell You that how can You clear all these types of WhatsApp data and boost phone memory. You also have a back up option that if some important data is deleted then it can easily retrieve. For back up- first go to the WhatsApp settings and select the back up option of WhatsApp chats.

Steps to clear WhatsApp data and boost memory:

There are some easy and simple steps for clearing WhatsApp data and boosting phone memory which are as follows:

  1. Go to the WhatsApp settings and here you will find Data and Storage Usage and select this option.
  2. After that new page will be open and you find Network usage option here. Below the Network usage there will be a Option Data Usage. Click on this Option.
  3. Now you will see a drop down list of your contacts and groups. All the groups and contacts are on the top of the list which consume more space.
  4. Now select those contacts and groups which consume more space.
  5. After selecting at the bottom right side you will find the option 'Free Up Space'. Tap this Option you can clear all the chat of selected category.

This trick will help you to clear WhatsApp data of selected categories and back up option is available for retrieving data.

Published: September 22nd, 2020

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