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Corona Vaccine : Corona vaccine will be available in India only within 4 months for Rs. 500-600

Adar Poonawalla, the chief Executive officer (CEO) of Serum Institute said that Corona vaccine will be available to common people in India within next 3-4 months. Five things will be necessary for this- People interested in vaccination, budget, maintenance, basic infrastructure and vaccine.

Drug Controller Permission will be Required

Corona vaccine developed by Serum Institute Oxford University and AstraZeneca is being tested in the country. Mr. Poonawala also said that after the vaccine was approved in the UK, the drug controllers would ask for permission for emergency use of this vaccine. Vaccine will be made available for health workers and elderly after getting permission from Drug Controller. After 3-4 months, this vaccine will be available for common people.

The vaccine will not be for children

This vaccine will be for people above 18 years of age. Under 18 have to wait for this vaccine now. Corona's effect in the country is less in children.
Adar Poonawalla said  that hose who have been vaccinated have received complaints such as fever, headache and weakness. It can be cured with paracetamol only. This Corona vaccine is completely safe.

10 crore doses of vaccines will be prepared every month

Poonawala said that right now our 2 units have the capacity to produce 50-60 lakh doses months per month. We will start 2 more units soon and will make 10 crore doses every month.

Vaccine will be available in the market for Rs 500-600

Poonawalla said that this vaccine of corona virus will be 5-6 times cheaper than Physer and Maderna. It will be available in the market for only Rs 500-600. If the government takes it in bulk, then it will be available at $ 3-4 per dose. He also said that the cost of vaccines made in India is very low.

Published: November 20th, 2020

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