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Corona Vaccine Updates : Pfizer and Oxford vaccine likely to get emergency use in the country

The multinational company Pfizer has also applied to sell the Corona vaccine in UK and Bahrain after its approval in India. Their proposal can be approved under the current rules applicable in the country. However, before sanctioning, the drug controller will check the data of the vaccine tests done abroad.

On the other hand, the Serum Institute of India (SII) has also sought approval from the drug controller for emergency use of the Covid-19 vaccine of Oxford. According to some sources, Pfizer on Friday sought approval from the drug controllers to use the Corona vaccine. The company has sought relaxation in the imperative of clinical trials.

Vaccine test conditions

  • This vaccine is given to a healthy person, hence great care is taken in case of vaccines.
  • The condition of starting a clinical trial in the country can also be laid.
  •  It is also possible to get approval for the emergency use of vaccines, but in such cases the condition of monitoring is also kept.

Serum Institute of India become the first indian company  to receive formal approval for the emergency use of Covid-19 vaccine "CovidShield" from Oxford in India on Sunday. This information has been received by the official sources.

Preparation for vaccination completed in UK

Vaccination against Covid-19 in UK will start from Tuesday, Complete preparation has also been done for this. This vaccination will be started for people associated with the National Health Service (NHS).

Published: December 7th, 2020


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