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Diwali explosion : Sensex rises to new peak with Biden's win

On Monday, Amid strong global trend, the Sensex jumped 704 points to close at a new record level. Investors in the US are hoping to improve business relationships and encourage more after Biden's win and its impact also appeared on the market.

 In the stock market for the sixth consecutive trading session. The Sensex gained 704 points, or 1.68%, to close at a record level of 42,597 points. During trading it had reached an all-time high of 42,645 points. On January 14, 2020 , the Sensex had closed at 41,952.

Investors earned 8 lakh crores rs. in just 7 days

Even before Diwali, investors have started Diwali in the stock market. In the last few days, due to the strong sharpness in the stock market, investors have earned more than 8 lakh crores rs. 

According to the available data of BSE, The Sensex opened at 39,880.38 on November 2. The Sensex closed at 42,597,43 points when the market closed on 9 November. Similarly, Sensex has jumped by 2717 points in just 7 days. Due to this, there has been a big jump in the registration of listed companies on the BSE.

On the first trading day of November i.e. November 2, the total registration of listed companies amounted to Rs. 1,57,18,574.96 crore rs. which reached 1,65,67,257.92 at market closing.Vinod Nair, Head of Research, Geojit Financial Services, said that The Indian market, including the global, has reached a record high with a strong global trend and the dmocratic Party getting a majority in the US.

'Flexi' cap Approved

The market regulator SEBI has introduced a new category in the mutual fund and this has given a new option to the flex cap category for the mutual fund. Under the scheme at least 65% investment will be in equity

Published: November 10th, 2020

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