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Emphasis on cheap computers for online classes, Digital structure will now be even stronger in school education

In this era of Covid-19, the central government has joined preparations to strengthen the digital framework in school education as well. Under this, All the tasks will include like online training of teachers along with implementing digital education in school education, setting up of virtual lab, online examination system, development of online examination system and ensuring availability of affordable computing devices.

Sources in the Ministry of Education have said that in the budget to be presented in February next year, special emphasis will be given on the strengthening of digital infrastructure in school education. Along with this, digital and online services will also be strengthened in higher education. Also, the Ministry of Education has proposed to  the 15th Finance Commission , a budget of 60 thousand crores for the next 5 years for the expansion of digital education.

Education Ministry officials said that public digital infrastructure will be built in school education. Plans will be given on schemes  like connecting all the schools through the internet, providing cheap computers, educating children through computers, providing affordable devices in schools.  

In addition to increasing the number of also self and initiation platforms and including scheduling them according to their classes and ensuring their 24 hour availability. Development of devices that provide two way video and audio communication on these platforms will also be involved. For this, the government is also setting up 12 DTH channels. The new education policy calls for creating a separate agency for the development and capacity of digital content infrastructure. There can be many big announcements in this time budget.

Published: November 23rd, 2020

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