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Eng vs Pak : England's tour of Pakistan has been decided to be postponed

England cricket team was to visit to Pakistan for next year's T20 series but now this tour of England is going to be postponed. There is a possibility of postponement of this tour due to availability of top players and their cost related issues. England cricket team had to go to Pakistan for a short T20 series to be held in 2021.

Now this tour is possible in October 2021

According to media reports, the tour was to be held in the month of January-February now it can be in October 2021. After this T20 Series, T20 World Cup is to be held in India too. According to a source, next year the England team has to play a series in Sri Lanka and India as well. Apart from this, the T20 experts will be busy in the Big Bash Cricket League. With this, there will be a series of three matches and maybe all the matches are in Karachi.

Expensive to bring by plane

Bringing England cricket team by chartered Aeroplane and practice camp will prove to be very costly for England board which will held in Dubai. He said that in view of this, the two boards together decided to postpone the T20 series which is set to be held in Pakistan till October so that the England team can play in Pakistan before going to India. England team last played with Pakistan in 2005.

Published: November 18th, 2020

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