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Facebook Smartwatch : Facebook will launch new smartwatch | Know Specifications

Facebook is preparing to launch its new smartwatch. However, right now the company is working on this smartwatch and this smartwatch may be launched next year. It is expected that the sale of this smartwatch will also be started next year. Facebook's smartwatch will be a second generation smartwatch that will directly compete with Apple's smartwatch. Although the company has not yet revealed the features of this smartwatch, according to some leaked reports, the company is preparing to develop its own operating system.


Know the Specifications and Working of Facebook Smartwatch


According to the lacquered report, Facebook smartwatch will be able to send users messages. Along with this, many other types of communication features can be given in it. Apart from this, this smartwatch will come with a variety of fitness and health features. With Facebook launching this smartwatch, it will give a direct competition to the giant companies like Apple and Huawei.


Facebook smartwatch will work through cellular connection so that users can send messages via smartwatch. Facebook is the first software based company to launch its own smartwatch. Facebook may partner with Oculus VR to launch a new smartwatch.


Published: February 13th, 2021

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