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Facebook and Instagram disable Messenger features in European Countries

From 21 December 2020, Facebook and Instagram are disabling several features including Messengers for all the users in European Countries to ensure they comply with change in privacy rules. Facebook and Instagram Messaging apps will fall under the rules of the EU which is known as ePrivacy.

Facebook has decided to disable many interactive features from the Facebook and Instagram Applications. Facebook offers core messaging services until it add extras back into it. Facebook has informed all its users that some services of Facebook and Instagram messengers will be disabled in European countries. 

As noted by social media users, they are getting a message of disabling some services form the apps. However, social media experts have not given any information about disabling these services. Here we are going to give all the information about which features will be disabled from the Apps. The List of Disabled features  is as follows

1- Instagram Stickers lacks

2- Group Conversations are on polls

3- Personalized messages on Messenger 

4- There are no augmented filters in Direct Messages on Instagram.

5- Giving Nicknames to their Contact.

All these features are temporarily from these applications in European Countries to comply with new ePrivacy or new data usage rules in European Union. These rules come under the Privacy and ePrivacy directives.

Published: December 20th, 2020

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