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Fau-G Game launch : Know how much you have to pay for Fau-G and complete information from this graphics to game play

Fau-G Game launched in India on 26 January. Now you can easily download and play this Fau-G game from Google Play Store in your Android Smartphone. Let us know what is the specialty of this game and how to play this Game 

First you have to download this game from Google Play Store on Android Smartphone. After the installation completion, when you open this game then you have to enter your name or you can also play as a guest.

This Game has a total of three play modes but two of them are coming soon it means that you can play only in a single mode. For now only the campaign mode is available.

At the start of the game, Full tutorial of the game play will be provided after that you can play this game. The control of this game is quite similar to Pub-G mobile. 

At the Starting of this Game, there is no any kind of weapon and here you will have to fight only with hands. This game has catchy background music and has fine graphics.

As you cross the level the game will be saved automatically, which means if you stop the game in between and then when you play again, you can play it where you stopped. The size of this game is also low, due to which it does not take much time to load.

You can also increase its graphics through settings and You are given a time limit to complete this game. This game has an upward timer. The narration of this Fau-G game is in Hindi and sitting near the bonfire helps restore health. 

The Fau-G game is totally free in India which can be easily downloaded from playstore but you have to pay for the Fau-G game in-app upgrade.

Fau-G users have to pay different costs for types of bundles such as 19, 149, 299, 599, 1,299 and Rs 2,999.


Published: January 27th, 2021

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