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Five Games like GTA-V for Smartphones:

FPS games can easily run on Smart phones but GTA V can not while having better processors. Officially GTA-V game is available on Smart phones. Here, we are going to discuss about some games like GTA V.

1-Payback-2 The Battle Sandbox:

Payback-2 games has fifty campaigns including with rocket car races, tank battlesbattles, street brawls, helicopter races and many more gaming options. Payback-2 The Battle Sandbox is the game which allows players to play this game online. There are lots of challenges available for players. You can also customise events according to your preference. These events can be customized using a combination of seven cities and a wide array of Weaponry. The Graphics of this game is not so good but it is funny. Ratings:4.3 on Android, 4.8 on iOS. Space on Android Smartphones:102 MB Space on iOS devices:166.9 MB.

2-Madout 2 big city online:

Madout 2 is a straightforward game. In this game, players can pick up guns, drive rash and go haywire in an open-world setting. Madout 2 big city have more than 40 car types available including Russian cars.When you are playing this game online then there are more than 100 players on the map of the game with in the size of 10km. Ratings:4.2 Space on Android Smartphones:413 MB Space on iOS devices:704.4 MB

3-Gangster Vegas:World of Crime:

This game is developed by Gameloft SE which has been there for a long time.Gangster Vegas is an alternatives to GTA V.Gangster Vegas is set in Las Vegas.Players can choose to roam around for fun or they can also choose complete missions.In this game, player's character is a boxer who plays for a mafia cartel and his target is for mob. Ratings:4.3 Space on Android Smartphones:1.8 GB Space on iOS devices:2.4 GB

4-Grand Gangster 3D:

As it's name, Grand Gangster main focuses on stealing cars in an open-world setting.Grand Gangster 3D is little bit different from other games. The graphics of this game is not so impressive. In this game there four areas in the city with multiple missions available for players. There more than 15 weapons and auto vehicles available in the game for players. Ratings:4 Space on Android Smartphones:22 MB Space on iOS devices:Not available.

5- Go to town 5:

Go to Town 5 has not high quality graphics but you can play this game on an entry-level smartphone.The controls of this game are very easy.You can drive around on a bike, car, fly a helicopter or tread on the waters with a ship. Ratings:4 Space on Android Smartphones:55MB Space on iOS devices:179.2 MB

Published: October 13th, 2020

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