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Google Location Tracking : How to Block Google’s Location Tracking system on Smartphones?

Do you know that Google monitors your every action via its Location Tracking System? Google is a well-known platform that people all over the world use. Because whenever we need any kind of information, first of all we search Google. Today we get all kinds of information on Google. But at the same time, Google keeps an eye on your actions, what you search on Google and where you go.

Google uses this user's data to improve its services. So that search engines can be improved and accurate results can be given. But if you want to stop this tracking of Google then you must follow these steps which are given below :’-

How to Block Location Tracking ?

Basically there are two options available by which you can block Google Tracking System.

Option 1. In First Option, You can Block location Data Permission of all applications on your Smartphone.

Step 1 : Go to the setting of your smartphone.

Step 2 : Then Click the option Location Data.

Step 3 : Here an option of turn off the location data will be given. By swiping left, you can turn off location data of all the applications.


Option 2.  In Second Option, You can block location data permission by turning off location history of Google Account.

Step 1 : Go to the setting option of your Google Account.

Step 2 : Then Tap the Option ‘Manage Your Google Account’.

Step 3 : Click on the option ‘Privacy and Personalization’.

Step 4 : Now Go to the Activity Control section and tap the option Location History.

Step 5 : By Swiping Left, You can turn off the option Location History you can block location data permission.

Published: February 14th, 2021

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