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Google has announced Google kids space mode for encouraging kids Friendly content on Android platform:

Google kids space mode will have all kid's favorite books, applications and videos and it is totally based on kid's interest. Most of the popular books are available in this kid space mode for children that they can read online and can gain knowledge. Basically this Google kids space mode is introduced for exploring the knowledge about the new technology and the uses of technology. This Google kids space mode will be available on all the Android mobile phone or Android tablets. Children can learn new things and explore their knowledge through this technology. First this Google kids space available for Lenovo tablets after that other Android platform will be able to get it. Google space kids also have an essential feature of paternal control that parents can control the application. If parents allow to their children then only play with the applications. Google kids space will only suggests valuable content for kids based on their interest. All the content will be available on applications or in form of games which can be download from Google Play store. These all content will be approved by the experts. On google kids space, children will be able to create their special characters which will help them to find new relatable content what they want to read or play. Parents can also customize applications, books and games. For using Google kids space children must have their Google accounts for registration. Google had worked with top publishers for making popular books for children and can avail these books for them online at free of cost. Google had a collection of more than 400 books for free that kids can read in the Google kids space and they also can watch videos online at you tube kids platform. They also can download the videos and watch videos offline

Published: October 13th, 2020

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