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Google removes 118 personal loan apps from Play Store to prevent safety policy

Google has removed more than 100 personal loan apps from the Play Store to  prevent user safety. Google has given information through its blog post that it is reviewing more than 100 personal loan apps which provide online loan services. The reason for the removal of these personal loan apps from the play store is that all these apps were violating the safety policy of the user. All these loan apps were providing online loan services to the users in violation of the user safety policy.

Based on the information received by the users and Government, Google has decided to remove all these personal loan apps from the Play Store and review. In the past, many users have complained to companies offering such short-term loan services, due to which they were facing problems. Some customers who were upset by this also alleged that such personal loan apps try to access their contact details.

Fintech expert Shrikant L. has told that Google has removed atleast 118 digital personal loan apps in the last 10 days. Google has asked such personal loan apps to explain how it follows local law and regulation and the apps which have not been told yet, Google has removed them from the Play Store.. However, Google has not yet shared the numbers of these loan apps which personal loan apps have been removed from the play store.  This information about removal of personal loan apps has been given by the Vice President of Android Security and Privacy.

Published: January 16th, 2021

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