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Google will introduce New mobile heart rate and respiratory rate monitoring feature for Fitness

Google is going to introduce a new feature to assess health and wellness. For which the two main important things are Heart rate and respiratory rate. Now Users will be able to keep an eye on their Heart rate and respiratory rate through their Smartphones. Currently, Google is working on a special feature. By using these features, Users can measure their Heart Rate and Respiratory Rate time to time on their Smartphones. The upcoming feature will help them to stay healthy and fit.

Google may roll out this new feature next month for all the users. This new feature will be available in pixel smartphones via Google Fit App. Let us know about this feature that how it works

Respiratory rate is detected through some subtle movements in the chest. To measure the Respiratory rate, smartphone cameras use computer vision which is known as Optical Flow. For measuring Heart Rate, Subtle color changes are detected in the fingertip using a smartphone camera.

The Director of Google Health Department  Mr. Shwetak Patel says that Google Fit App will allow users to measure their heart and repository rate by using Smartphone camera. These features will be available for all the users in the Google Fit App. They are planning to expand this application in Android Devices. Along with this he also said that From next month Google will allow users to measure their heart rate and Respiratory Rate.

To use this feature, you  need to keep your head and upper house in front of a Smartphone facing camera to measure Respiratory Rate and breathe normally. On the other hand, for measuring the Heart Rate, You need to put your finger on the Rear camera lens. The company has also declared that these features are not intended to evaluate the medical conditions of the users.

Published: February 5th, 2021

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