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Hollywood Web Series "The Boys" Season 2 got the Voice effect of Indian Actors Arjuna Kapoor, Raj kumar and Disha Patani: Full Details

Hollywood Web Series " The Boys" Season 2 have an Indian texture now. While releasing in English language this Web Series got lots of Indian viewers. The producers of the " The Boys" have decided to release this web series in some regional languages such as Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. The main thing is that this web Series got Indian famous actors for dubbing. 

The first Season of this series has got great response. Now the latest season of this series has been released on September 4,2020 with first three episodes. After that the new episode has also released on Friday. The First Season of this web Series is available in English only but the Second season is available in three Indian languages. Actor Arjun Kapoor has given his Voice to the Character Billy Buchar in this Web Series while Rajkumar Rao and Disha Patani have given their voice to the Characters Home Lander and Arine Moriyartrie respectively. 

These new dubbed episodes of this series will be released on October 28, 2020 on Amazon Prime Video. Arjun Kapoor says that he has been big fan of this Series and the character Billy impresses him a lot. Disha Patani has also shared her experience and said Starlite is the Only member in Watt's army who has humanity. She has great experience when Amazon Prime Video asked to give her voice she has not any type of doubt. Rajkumar Rao says that The Boys is his one the favorite web series.

Published: October 27th, 2020

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