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How to apply for PAN card instantly through Aadhaar Card, Step by Step Guidance

If you also need a PAN card for financial purposes and due to lack of PAN card, the works are delayed or stuck so you can get it easily by applying for a PAN card through Aadhaar card. Now you can get an instant PAN card and for this you will not even need to fill any form. Through Aadhaar card number, you can get a PAN card online. 

You can easily apply for an e-PAN card through Aadhaar card for free. Let us know how to apply your PAN card-

Step 1 : Go to the official website of income tax department

Step 2 : Now the Home page will open, Go to the 'Quick Links' Section.

Step 3 : In the 'Quick Links' section, Tap the option 'Instan PAN through Aadhar.

Step 4 : Now Click on the option 'Get New PAN' after that you will reach on 'Instant PAN Request Webpage'.

Step 5 : Here, You will have to enter your 12- digit Aadhaar Number and after that enter Captcha Code and then click on 'Confirm'  button.

Step 6 : Now click on the option 'Generate Aadhaar OTP' after that an OTP will be send to your mobile number which is linked to Aadhar Card.

Step 7 : Now enter the OTP in the text box and tap the option 'Validate Aadhaar OTP'.

Step 8 : Now click on the option 'Continue'.

Step 9 : Now you will be redirected on 'Request Submission Page'.

Step 10 : Here, You will have to confirm your  Aadhaar Details and accept all the terms and conditions.

Step 11 : Tap the option 'Submit PAN Request' after that an acknowledgement number will be generated. Note down the Acknowledgement number.

How to download e- PAN card ?

Step 1 :  Go to the website again.

Step 2 : Go to the Quick Links' section. Now again tap the option 'Instant PAN through Aadhar'.

Step 3 : Click on the option 'Check Status/Download'.

Step 4 : Here, You can check the status of your PAN card and also you can download it by entering Aadhaar Number and Captcha Code.

Published: February 1st, 2021

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