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How to get real time PNR status and Train Details on WhatsApp?

Public transport was facing some difficulties due to Covid-19 pandemic. To overcome some of these problems, Mumbai based Railofy has come up with a new solution so that all passengers can get record real-time passenger names Record (PNR) status and all the train details on their WhatsApp.  Through this application, passengers can check PNR status and other train details such as live station alert, train time etc on their WhatsApp. For this, passengers must have an updated version of WhatsApp.

Here is all the details that how can user check PNR status and Train Details on their WhatsApp. By following some easy steps users can check all the information about train status and these steps are as follows :

Step 1 : If users have not the updated version of WhatsApp application then they can update their WhatsApp application from Google Play Store.

Step 2 : After updated the WhatsApp Application, Save this number in contact list  “91-9881193322”. It is Railofy enquiry number.

Step 3 : After adding this contact number, it will be added to the WhatsApp contact list.

Step 4 : Now Go to your WhatsApp application and then click on new message button and open the contact list.

Step 5 : Choose the Railofy's contact from the contact list and type the 10 digit PNR number in message box and send it to the Railofy.

Step 6 : After the Railofy will respond and send PNR status and all the real time train details and all the updates about the train such as alerts, delays etc on WhatsApp.

Published: December 5th, 2020

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