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Indian Navy : Scorpion class fifth submarine launch, 'wazir' submarine will finish by dodging the enemies

On Thursday, Indian Navy has launched the fifth submarine Wazir of Scorpion class in South mumbai.  Wazir submarine is fully capable of evading and eliminating enemy radars and is full of modern technology. The state defense minister launched the submarine through video conferencing.

Wazir submarine is part of 6 Kalvari class submarines being built in India. Wazir submarine is built by French maritime defense and energy company DCNS. It is being constructed on the basis of Indian Navy's Project-75.

Indian Navy officials also told that these submarines on the surface, effective in anti-submarine warfare and gather intelligence, Along with laying landmines in the sea, it is also fully capable of monitoring the area. Wazir submarine is capable of getting out of all kinds of troubles in any war situation. This submarine can come out very easily by dodging enemies. This submarine is designed in such a way that it is capable of attacking enemies from underwater on the surface.It can be used in any kind of corrosion. The Scorpion submarine is constructed by Mazagaon Dock Ship building.

Specification of Wazir Submarine 

This submarine is capable of traveling 12000 short at a time. 360 battery cells have been installed in it and all battery cells weigh around 750 kg. This submarine has two 1250 KW diesel engines. This submarine can go on a 45-day journey. It covers a path of 6500 nautical miles ie 12000 km. It can detect enemy up to a depth of 350 meters. The top speed of this submarine is 22 nauts ie 40 km/h.
There is an advanced weapon inside this submarine which can eliminate enemies in any war.There is a special type of motor in the back that does not let the sound go in and out. Due to this, enemies do not get the information about this submarine properly.

Published: November 13th, 2020

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