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Instagram Update : Instagram has launched new feature, now users can see deleted posts

A new feature has been introduced by Instagram. The amazing feature makes users able to see and restore deleted posts. Now Instagram Users will be able to read deleted posts as well as they are able to restore deleted posts. As you know that Instagram Stories are removed after 24 hours by default. You can restore these Instagram stories within 30 days. But after introducing this amazing feature, Instagram Users can restore Instagram Stories within 24 hours. Instagram Users will not have to wait for 30 days.

Photo Sharing App Instagram will make Users enable to restore Instagram stories. Instagram has given information about this upcoming feature in Instagram through its Blog. Currently this feature has not been rolled out for every Instagram user. But after some time this feature will be available for every Instagram Users. Lets know about this feature that how it will work

As Instagram has told in its Blog that this upcoming feature is very amazing. It is very easy to use this feature. This amazing feature will work for all the Instagram Posts such as Photos, Instagram Reels, Videos, IG TV videos.

How to Restore and read posts on Instagram ?

 If Instagram Users want to restore or read Deleted posts on Instagram then there are some simple and easy steps which are as follows-

Step 1. Go to the Instagram App Settings.

Step 2. Click on the option 'Account'.

Step 3. After Clicking 'Account', here you will find the option of 'Recently Deleted', tap this option.

Step 4. By enabling this option, You read or Restore Deleted Posts on Instagram.


Published: February 5th, 2021

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