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Jio Company may Launch a low cost '4G or 5G' Android Smartphone in December:

In July, The owner of Reliance jio Company has announced that Google would build a low cost Android version Smart phones designed by Reliance jio. He also said Google would develop an Android operating system for Smart phones to power low cost.that The goal of jio Company is to provide Smart phones to every Indian at low cost. Reliance jio has already launched jio phone in 2017 but now jio will launch Smart phones. Now jio phones have a hundred millions of users.

Reliance jio is most valued Company in India which provides best telecom services. Alphabet's Google has announced that they will invest $4.5 billion(INR rs. 33,102 crores) in this project. These Android phones will bundled with data packs may be launched in December 2020 or in next year. Launch these Android Smartphones will set a major challenge for Chinese vendors or brands of Smart phones like Opportunity, Vivo, Xiaomi and BBK electronics etc which are currently dominate the market. The goal of Reliance jio is that to provide Android smartphones at low cost to every Indian that they could win subscribers from various Telecom rivals like Vodafone Idea and Bharti Airtel. These rivals have already a hundred millions of subscribers instead of old features based on 2G networks.

Reliance jio Company has already sold approximately 33 percent digital arm, jio platform for raising the amount of rs. 1,52,000.The company has won the global financial and tech investors like Facebook, Qualcomm and Intel. These Android smartphones will have all the advance features including powerful cameras.

Published: October 13th, 2020

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