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Jio becomes the world's fifth strongest brand, Jio also surpassed Apple and Amazon

Reliance Jio has achieved a huge position in the global market and with it Reliance Jio has become the fifth largest brand in the world. However, when Reliance Jio first entered the market, the brand was in the list of 500 Finance Global and its entry was also fantastic. The brand has now progressed to the fifth position in the list of 500 Finance Global. Reliance Jio has also overtaken big brands like Apple, Amazon, Alibaba, Pepsi etc.

Brand Finance Global 500 lists the top brands from all over the world and they are ranked based on their performance. In this list, Reliance Jio is the only name from India which has made its place in the top 10. Reliance Jio has scored 91.7 Brand Strength Index (BSI) out of 100 in terms of brand strength and along with this, we have also got the rank of AAA+.

Reliance Jio becomes fastest growing brand

Reliance Jio's brand value has reached $ 4.8 billion. Reliance Jio entered the telecom sector in India in 2016 but now it has more than 400 million subscribers and with this, Reliance Jio has become India's largest and world's third largest mobile network. As mentioned in the report, Reliance Jio has provided 4G network facilities to millions of consumers.

World's strongest brand

WeChat has become the strongest brand in the world with the number one position and scored 95.4 Brand Strength Index (BSI) in the list of Brand Finance Global 500. Along with this, Auto giants Ferrari has got second position, Russian Bank Saber got third position and Coca Cola is in fourth position.

Published: January 29th, 2021

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