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New strategy of GST Council, Biometric will also be necessary in online GST registration

The central and state government officials have taken this step to stop the claim of false input credit tax made by fake companies. The GST Council has now suggested online registration for online GST registration using instant photograph and biometrics. In fact, some fake Companies claim a GST input tax.

According to sources, the Law Committee of the Council which includes the tax officers of the central and state governments, they also suggested the same that biometric verification should be required for online GST registration, if you opt for registration without Aadhaar card. 

Sources in the Finance Minister have said that the Law Committee has suggested that for new online registration in the Goods and Services Tax Aadhaar like process can be adopted. Under which new registrations can be done only with verification of instant photo and biometric.

Such facilities can be provided in banks, post offices and GST service centers. It has also been told through a source that the facility of new registration can be given on the lines of the GST Passport Service Centers.

Apart from this, the registrars who do not opt ??for registration through the fund at the time of registration, they may have to give letters of recommendation from two trusted taxpayers.

The sources also reveal that if the registrar falls in the trustworthy category based on the documents given for registration, then his conditional registration will be done within 60 working days. GST Council has run a strict campaign regarding fake GST input tax.

Published: November 23rd, 2020

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