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On demand Stream Platform 'Bookmyshow stream video' has been launched in India

Bookmyshow app used for movie ticket booking and live show ticket booking is also available for stream videos. BookmyShow has launched Stream Video On-demand Stream Platform in India. It has been decided to promote OTT platforms. Covid-19 epidemic has affected the entertainment industry along with the rest of the industries across the country. In such a situation, the interest of the people towards the OTT platforms has increased.

On the streaming platform of Bookmyshow App 'Bookmyshow Stream Video', you will get to see more than 600 movies. Users can use 'Bookmyshow stream video on-demand streaming' on both Android and iOS devices. But you have to pay to watch movies or you can also watch movies on rent on Bookmyshow Stream Video. Here you can watch new movies as well as old movies.

If you also want to watch movie streams on Bookmyshow Stream Video then download Bookmyshow App from  Play Store or App Store. After installing this application when you open it then you will find the option 'Stream'. As soon as you click on the stream, you will get to see various types of movies here.

Now select the movie whatever you want to watch and you can watch these movies on rent. Through this stream video, users can now enjoy their favorite movies while sitting at home without having to go to the theater. For this, they have to buy tickets for movies or they can take movie rent. There are more than 600 movies as well as more than 72,000 hours of content available on this App. There will also be several premieres on this streaming platform on Friday

Published: February 6th, 2021

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