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Satellite Broadband : Bharti Airtel takes off it's One web satellite, Company's goal now Full commercial services by 2022

Bharti Enterprises President Sunil Mittal said that a total of 360 satellites will be launched which will create the global satellites till October 2021 so that broad band and full commercial  services can be provided in all countries of the world. The company will emerge from that Chapter 11 bankruptcy with Earth's orbit Leo broadband satellite communication company One Web and will simultaneously obtain all relevant regulatory approvals.

Broadband communication is provided through satellite communication. This communication is established by dropping a box in remote areas and hilly areas. This dropbox creates a WiFi spot.

These Full Commercial services will be started in many parts of the world by the middle of 2022 in far-flung hill areas where these facilities are not available right now. These services will first start from the UK and Arctic regions, and then expand to other parts.

He also said that about 1 billion dollars have to be raised for this but how this amount will be raised is yet to be decided. This can happen through equity and also debt. He also said that whoever is the new shareholder is confident that leverage can be easily achieved and this takes the company below historical norms and industries. 

A consortium of Bharti Global, part of Bharti Enterprises, won an auction of One Web in July with the British government. It has invested $ 1 billion in the company. The 650 LEO will offer broadband connectivity services . These Connectivity services will b provided through constellation of Sattelites. One Web's headquarters will not be closed in Brittain. The company filed its Chapter 11 bankruptcy in March.

Published: November 21st, 2020

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