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Smileyo launches seller panel to invite sellers to sell their products online

Smileyo has launched a Seller Panel for all types of vendors through which they can sell any of their products through this panel. Smileyo has brought appropriate opportunities for all the vendors so that they can sell their products online to the customers and all the products can reach the customers directly without any hassle.

Nowadays, Smileyo is evolving the top e-commerce marketplace for both the buyers and Sellers and helping them to get one of the best retailing services. These Services help Vendors to get margin and make profit on product deals.

Seller panel helps vendors that they can standardize their products listing on Smileyo so that their products can automatically reach at the prestige level.

As we know that most of the focus of the customers is on the features of the products and their prices. Smileyo only focuses on the quality of products and also compares the price of the products and makes the products available for their customers at a reasonable cost.

Smileyo packs the products and delivers at the customer’s doors which the seller wants to sell online. Vendors don’t have to worry about storing their inventory and hiring the staff for management of the shipment of products. Smileyo manages all the fulfillment in an efficient way.

Smileyo e-commerce marketplace also helps sellers to simplify the advertising of their products and provide them this service as built in feature. With the help of advertising sellers can reach their audience goal to whom they want to sell their products. Smileyo also offers them an option to choose sponsored brands advertising, sponsored products advertising and redirect the traffic on Smileyo page that customers can see more products.

Smileyo is the fastest growing E-commerce platform for retailing services in India which allows their customers to choose amongst various Top quality brand products. Smileyo never compromise with the quality of products and provide one of the best services to their customers. Smileyo only focuses on the quality of the products  and Smileyo makes all the products available to its customers at reasonable prices.

Smileyo also offers cashback offers on all types of top quality products for its customers. When any user signs up on the Smileyo, he gets an amount of 50 rupees (which is a non-refundable amount) in his wallet which he can use at the time of shopping. Through this seller panel launched by Smileyo, all vendors can sell their products directly to the customers at a reasonable price and make a good profit on product deals.

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Published: December 19th, 2020


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    Arun K.

    23rd December,2020

    Smileyo is best shopping site.

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    Swati Verma

    23rd December,2020

    Smileyo is the best platfrm to sell our products onilne.

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    28th December,2020

    Smileyo is best shopping platform, for online shopping in india.

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