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Start Online Business with Facebook Services:

Facebook has brought new service named Facebook Shop Service. If you want to start your own Online business then Facebook can help you to start up your business. Facebook has launched a new feature of Facebook Shop Service for online business. Facebook has launched a tab in which they announced about this new feature Facebook shop Service. Facebook has already provided this feature on Instagram through photo sharing. Facebook users can easily start up Online business using this feature.

How Facebook Shop Service is useful to start Online business?

As earlier, there is no feature available of shopping at Facebook page. You were only see the product and items on the Facebook page. You were not able to visit their website. Now you can buy or sell all products and items on the Facebook Shop. Artificial Intelligence team of Facebook has implemented different types of models on this Facebook Shop Service with Computer vision. Computer vision is use to classify and identify to each and every products and items. Now it is very easy to find products or items according to your preferences. If you want to search some specific products or items then you can search it by it's brand name, design, colors etc.

Facebook need a checkout option:

Checkout is an essential option which helps people for shopping without closing applications. It is also used for remembering the payment details. You don't need to share payment details again and again. Facebook is going to start service of chat support on instagram direct, WhatsApp messenger, Facebook Messenger through Facebook shop Service. You can also chat on this Service through chat support feature.As soon as possible it wii may be add on once testing is complete. Facebook shop Service is very useful for business and earning money online.

Published: October 13th, 2020

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