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Testing Facility of Covid-19 is available now at Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport in Mumbai for Travellers and People Dropping By:

Chhatrapati ShivaJi Airport has made the Testing facility of Covid-19 for passengers who departing from the airport. The Covid-19 Testing Facility will be available for Non-passengers also  who visit to the airport for dropping off their friends and family.Mumbai International Airport Ltd Stated that this facility for passenger concerns according to different Covid-19 regulations which is declared by the government across all the destinations whether it is International or domestic. 

Each and Every passenger and Non-passenger can use this Covid-19 testing facility itself at the Airport before going to their destinations. This Covid-19 Testing Facility will give an option for the passengers to skip their institutional quarantine period by showing the Negative Covid-19 report after reaching their destinations. 

Initially,The Testing Plan of Covid-19 was launched under the Ministry of Civil Aviation for International Transit Passengers only departing from the Airport. Now the Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport in Mumbai has introduced this Covid-19 facility for both passengers departing from the Airport for their Destinations and Non-passengers also. 

The Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport has made availability of the RT-PCR testing at the curbside of level 4 of Terminal 2. Passengers and Non-passengers both can go to the terminal 2 for Covid-19 test. The Covid-19 test report certificate will also provide to the passengers after testing. This Covid-19 testing Certificate will help them to skip their Quarantine period after reaching their destinations. 

The Airport Authorities advised to their Passengers they must have to arrive before 8-12 hours of their flights at the Airport Terminal. Passengers can opt for the RT-PCR test and get their testing report with in the time period. Passengers can also make booking online through the website They can also register their selves at the helpdesk for the RT-PCR test before arriving at the Airport Terminal and they will receive a digital copy of their enrollment via mail or they can also receive a hard copy of testing report with in the time. There are around 3340 passengers at Mumbai Airport who have already  opted for Covid-19 Test. 

Published: October 20th, 2020

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