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The end of the covid-19 epidemic is expected to start : WHO

On Friday, Director general of World Health Organization announced  that the corona vaccine's positive results mean that this corona epidemic is now coming to an end in the world. Along with this, he also said that rich and powerful countries should not crush the poor and the deprived from the stampede of the vaccine.

Director General of World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom addressing the first high-level session of the United Nations General Assembly on the subject of this corona epidemic that this corona virus can be stopped, but the way ahead is full of uncertainity. Citing the rise and death of cases in current times, he said that where science is buried in the Conspiracy Theory and self-interest has taken the place of solidarity.

Tedros said that this epidemic has shown the world the greatest and worst form of humanity. He was referring to the compassion, self-sacrifice, solidarity and advancement in science shown to each other during this epidemic and along with this, he was also referring to the self-interest, accusation and counter-affection between many people who hurt their hearts. 

In his online address, while addressing a high-level meeting, he said that the corona vaccine does not remove the crises that are at the root such as hunger, poverty, non-equality and climate change etc.

Immediate purchase of Corona vaccine needs 4.3 billion dollars

He further said that 4.3 billion dollars would be needed for the immediate mass purchase of vaccines and for the ground work of distribution. After this, in 2021, $ 23.9 billion will be needed.

Published: December 6th, 2020

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