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Twitter Updates : Twitter will introduce shopping feature on its platform, Testing of this new feature is underway

Microblogging Website Twitter is going to introduce a new shopping feature for users. For some time, news has been coming that Twitter is going to bring some new features for the convenience of users. The report released shows that soon Twitter is going to bring online shopping facilities to its users. And this feature is also being tested. Twitter will soon launch e-commerce services to facilitate online shopping for the convenience of Users. This feature is being tested for Android smartphones first. It is believed that this feature will first be made available for Android smartphones only.

However, Twitter has not yet made any official announcement regarding this shopping feature. But in a report it is definitely said that the company is trying to provide better facilities to its users. And along with this, Twitter will also expand new options for its users. Business profiles are also included, just like Maps and Super Follows Integrated Facebook in upcoming features. This business profile helps Twitter users to provide exclusive content for their followers. So that they can reach their services to as many people as possible through Twitter business profiles.

Shopping Feature is being Tested in Qatar


According to the report released by TechCrunch, Twitter's shopping feature was first spotted in Qatar and this information was given by Matt Navarra. The company has started testing its new online shopping feature in Qatar. According to this report, some users of Twitter have got shopping cards and shopping options on Twitter for online shopping in Qatar.

This shopping feature is visible in the Twitter feed which has a blue color button. Also, in this report, it has also been told that along with the information of the products in this shopping card feature, their price has also been given.

Published: March 10th, 2021

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