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US President Donald Trump Counting Money Before Doing Donation For Church: Social Media Reaction

United States (US) President Donald Trump attended a Service in Las Vegas at International Church before the final Presidential Debate. During that event, a photo of Donald Trump got so much viral on Social Media Platforms. 

President Donald Trump uncommonly goes to Church but he has remained having General approvals among Evengelical Christ Supporters who are against to dead baby birth. He has  remained General Approval for his State and for getting fixed reasoned Judges. He attended the indoor event made into parcels with people. During that event, He didn't wear mask. Donald Trump worshipped with their  very few staff of White House including Kayleigh McEnany and Hope Hicks. 

Donald Trump put a wad of  $20 bills for the donation but before donating that amount He counted the bills while sitting on the chair on the stage. While Counting the bills Donald Trump was Captured by a Reuters photographer  Carlos Barria. That photo of Donald Trump which is captured by the Photographer Carlos Barria was viral on Social Media Platforms. 

In 2016, Donald Trump was on a campaign trip of State BattleGround  then he lost to Democrats. He Also attended the mass service before attending campaign event of Carson City. Goulet of nondenomination International Church of Las Vegas, Pastor Paul Marc said that you  just came to church and he also added that he don't care about the rumors and he love his president. Donald Trump was heard that and said that it is a great honor for him and he love going to Churches. 

Published: October 20th, 2020

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