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What is Google Calendar and How to Use Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is useful for scheduling meetings with shared calendar. Google provides Google Calendar for Smart scheduling of meeting in easy way. You can also sync all your calendars with Google Calendar. You can also keep track of all the meetings and events with Google Calendar. Google Calendar attached with your personal e-mail address.

Tips and tricks to use Google Calendar:

First Go to the Google Play store and download Google Calendar application.Use these tips and tricks and make your schedule for meetings and events in easy waySteps for creating events in Google Calendar.

1-After downloading Google Calendar application, Open Google Calendar application and then you will find an icon [+], tap this icon.

2-Now select date from the Calendar for the event.

3-Now go to the 'Add Title' option and fill the title of the event or meeting.

4-Below the Title you will see two options one is reminder and other is Task. Select any one of them whatever you want.

5-Now select date and time of the event.

6-You can also invite guests for event. For that, enter the e-mail of the people whom you want to invite.

7-If you want to add location of the event then go to the Add location option and add location.

8-If you want to provide any other information about the event to your guests then go to' Add Description' option. Here you can give additional information about the event.

9-Now select the list for the event that you want to add.

10-Now save all the information and exit. And if you want to edit any information about the particular event you can also edit it or if you want to remove the event you can remove it.

Google Calendar also provide a option to attach a file for the events. Google Calendar will remind you and your guests before the event.

Published: October 13th, 2020

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