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What is Google Task Mate Application and use of Google Task Mate ?

Google Task Mate is a money making application which is designed by Google. By completing the tasks given in this application, users can earn money very easily. Although this application is currently in the testing phase that's why only a few selected people can access this application. This application is also available in Google PlayStore's "Early Access" mode. To use this application, users will need an invitation code or referral code.Let us know what is Google Task Mate ??referral code and how to make money using it -

Google Task Mate Referral Code or Invitation is code by which using Google Task Mate Referral System users can make money online. Only those users can use this application, who will have a referral code to access it. There are a lot of tasks given in this application, by which the users can earn money very easily.

How does Google Task Mate work ?

There are different types of tasks in this application and most of these tasks are given by Businesses. Such as taking a photo of a restaurant near you, translating any sentence from the English language to regional language, completing the surveys and many more. All users can choose any of the activities they are interested in as they wish. The biggest advantage of this application is that no time limit has been given to complete these tasks. The amount given for completing these tasks will be given to the user after completing the task. Google will use all these data to improve mapping services and it is also being used for online business services.

How to Earn money using Google Task Mate Application ?

On completing the task given in the Google Task Mate application, you get money on this application's wallet, which users can withdraw anytime in their Bank Account.

For this, first you have to download this application from the play store. However, only the beta version of this application is available right now and this application works on a referral system for new users. In India, The Google Task Mate application is being tested right now.

Published: December 25th, 2020

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