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WhatsApp Latest Updates : New Terms and conditions of WhatsApp, If these new conditions are not accepted then WhatsApp account will be closed

According to a latest report, WhatsApp is going to update its terms of services soon. These new terms of services will start from 8 February, under which if these terms and conditions are not considered, then your account will be closed and users can lose access to their account.

In the new report released by WABetaInfo, a screenshot of updation in these terms of services and privacy policy is also shared. In this report released, it has been cleared that if the users do not accept the Terms and Privacy Policy, then they can lose access to their account ,Facebook has also confirmed this.

It can be seen clearly in the screenshot shared in the report released by WABetaInfo that WhatsApp's Terms and Privacy Policy to be updated. The screenshot released also details major updates such as how user's data processing and business-Facebook hosted services can be used and How users can manage and store WhatsApp chat using these services is also given.

A disclaimer has also been given in the report released by WABetaInfo, in which it has been told that this new policy will be implemented from 8 February. After 8 February, users will have to accept new terms and privacy policy to continue using WhatsApp otherwise they can delete their WhatsApp account. The company also declared that the date given above may also be changed. According to the report, these terms of services can be updated in the next few weeks.

Published: December 4th, 2020

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