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WhatsApp Updated Data Policy, Know which user data the company will earn

A new data policy has been implemented by WhatsApp for WhatsApp users Which all WhatsApp users have to receive before 8 February 2021 otherwise their whatsapp account will be deleted. The company has said directly that either the users have to share their data or their WhatsApp account will be deleted. So let's know what information the company wants to get from WhatsApp users and  what user data whatsapp access . 

In fact, such free applications are not free in real. The company earns money from users' data through applications indirexctly. Facebook owned whatsapp and instagram are such as  free application and whatsapp will share this user data with all their subsidiaries. Along with this this user data will be shared with some third party application in which CrowdTangle, Onavo and some online payment services such types of services are included.

Company will earn huge revenue from user data

It is believed that through this user data, the company can make full revenue, That is why this user data is being called oil at this time. Facebook company earns full revenue by this user data through Whatsapp. In fact, this user data is shared with the third party and huge revenue is earned. Whatsapp keeps full information about what users search in their phones

Published: January 10th, 2021

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