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WhatsApp Updates | WhatsApp privacy policy will be applicable from May 15, know how it will change

Whatsapp recently changed its privacy policy and introduced it. Due to this, WhatsApp users started opposing it as well as abandoning it. And that's why Whatsapp did not implement this new privacy policy then. However, the company had taken this step so that WhatsApp users would not turn to any other platform. Whatsapp is still working on this privacy policy. According to the information received, WhatsApp will share some information with their users to convince them about the new privacy policy.

Along with this, Whatsapp has also clarified that there is no change in the new privacy policy regarding end-to-end encryption policy. Which makes it clear that WhatsApp users' personal chats will be completely safe. In this privacy policy it will also be cleared that any kind of information of the user will not be used to show the target on Facebook.

WhatsApp made it mandatory for all users to follow this policy when they were offering updates to the privacy policy. And if the user did not accept the privacy policy, then the users could have to delete their account. Then when WhatsApp users strongly opposed this, the company retracted from its statement that it had nothing to do with the user's profile or chat.

Apart from this, WhatsApp has also made some changes regarding the chat of business accounts, which is completely optional. In its new privacy policy, the company has clarified how it takes data from users.


Know what will happen on 15 May

First WhatsApp new privacy policy to be implemented from 8 February. But when WhatsApp users started opposing it, it was changed to 15 May from 8 February. Let us tell you that WhatsApp has only changed the date of implementation of the privacy policy. Its terms and conditions are still intact. If WhatsApp users do not accept this privacy policy then they will not be able to continue WhatsApp services.

Published: February 19th, 2021

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