We have developed this privacy policy to provide security assurance to user data. This privacy policy is developed for you that you can easily understand that how we collect, use, disclose and communicate and how we use your personal information. There are some outlines in our privacy policy that are as follows:

1- Why we Collect user personal information?

We Collect User personal information only to identify the user and to identify the purpose for which information is collected by the user. To identify the purpose of the information collection, we need user personal information. We collect and use user personal information that we can fulfill all the purposes and we use all the information as required by the law.

2- How long will we retain User Personal Information?

We will Retain user personal information only for a certain necessary time as long as we need that information to fulfill all the purposes.

3- How We Collect User Personal Information?

We Collect user information only for fair use as required by law in a lawful way. With accurate and appropriate knowledge and concerned we can fulfill specific purposes.

4- How we protect your personal information?

We protect your personal information by security safeguards to provide security to your personal data and to prevent your data from loss or theft. We also protect your data from unauthorized access, copying, use, disclosure or modifications.
We also provide all the information to the user about our policies and all the information about how we manage all user personal information. We also ensure the confidentiality of user personal information should be protected and well maintained.

5- Which type of User Personal Date We needed?

User Personal Information should be accurate, complete,update and appropriate. The Information should not be ir-relevant. It must be real that we extent the necessary purposes and we fulfill all the purposes.